Meaning ‘love’ in Xhosa, Uthando is a unique non-profit and Fair Trade in Tourism accredited organization which aims to raise funds for life-changing community development projects in South Africa. Uthando is committed to providing a platform and sustainable infrastructure to uplift and support of the country’s destitute and marginalized communities. Funds raised from individual and companies support a broad range of innovative grass-route, community-based empowerment projects

directed towards mitigating conditions of poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS, unemployment, domestic violence, homelessness, poor education and other forms of deprivation and suffering.

Motivated by love, compassion and respect for our common humanity, Uthando seeks to form part of the solution to meet these challenges.

James Fernie, founder of Uthando, is using his existing support structures to ensure that projects in most urgent need and those in a position to alleviate some of the lockdown pressures are recipients of its stepped up efforts of this philanthropy.

“I am so incredibly inspired and grateful for the army of beautiful, kind, generous and thoughtful people who have gathered around Uthando and our community partners at this time” says James.

At the time of writing, more than US$110,000 has been directed to organisations in the greater Cape Town area, including feeding schemes, sustainable agriculture projects and food gardens, animal welfare organisations and

old age homes.


Trans Africa Safaris has been supporting Uthando for over 12 years and has also funded a couple of specific projects in the Cape Town townships such as audio equipment for a special needs school and school table tennis table.



TAS applauds the outstanding work that Uthando undertakes and wishes them every success during these challenging times.