About Us

Trans Africa Safaris is a family-owned business with a long proud history in the African travel industry.

Having created bespoke travel experiences to destinations including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and the Indian Ocean Islands for more than a century, Trans Africa Safaris has built a dedicated team of experienced staff and a reliable network of partners across the continent. Together we ensure that our travellers enjoy an unprecedented level of personal care and support before, during and after their trips.

The service excellence Trans Africa Safaris is renowned for is built on the family values first instilled in the company by Brian Paterson many decades ago.

The late Brian Paterson started his tourism career with Trans Africa Safaris in 1954. Since his passing, his eldest daughter, Jennifer Paterson has successfully led the company with the support of sisters, Beverley Paterson-Ferguson and Lesley Paterson-Botha, both of whom are personally involved in creating the customised travel itineraries that have set Trans Africa Safaris apart from the fray of this competitive industry.

The greater Trans Africa Safaris team includes other family members, namely Andre Botha, who heads up sales and marketing, and Michael, a third-generation Paterson, who is learning all aspects of the business.

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