Nancy (Agent USA)

Sharon, I wanted to thank you and your organization for the fantastic trip our family just enjoyed in South Africa.

Everything worked seamlessly (even a missing C-Pap was promptly found). I enjoyed each of the three locations immensely; the accommodations were luxurious and incredibly scenic, and staff there really went out of their way to help our big group. I was especially pleased that the Mount Nelson Hotel provided us with late 6 PM checkout on all 5 of our rooms on the last day. I was not expecting that. Wow – it made everything so much easier. And the van in Cape Town came provided with three rows of seats – we weren’t expecting that either – thank you!

Gerhard at Madikwe, Ben at Phinda and Clive at Cape Town were all stellar guides. Clive in Cape Town already forwarded us a family photo he took of us; he certainly has a knack for making everybody look good. I believe Clive even took a liking to my youngest granddaughter Guinevere, who is a tiny two; he carried her around, and she was a docile darling, something she was NOT with the rest of us. He must have the magic touch.

The luggage tags, the i-pad covers and wonderful itinerary booklet we received in Johannesburg are all so beautiful, not to mention useful – thank you!

Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me and my family.

I would definitely do it again if I can. I would certainly definitely do something similar in another part of south or east Africa. It was indeed the trip of a lifetime.

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