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Sustainability – More Than a Buzzword!

18 July 2023

If there was a positive outcome from the Covid pandemic, it was people’s realization that mankind is vulnerable, our planet fragile, and both require considerable care.

Africa’s safari destinations have, for many decades, embraced sustainable tourism practices and some pioneering work has been done engaging with local communities in the safeguarding of the wildlife and the land.

Historically, the drive towards responsible and sustainable tourism, community development and conservation has largely been driven by lodge owners. But the past few years have ushered in a significant and sustained shift where eco-conscious travellers, and tour operators are having a stronger voice in influencing sustainability in tourism. From the economy to the environment, travellers are re-thinking what ‘value’ means to them. There is an unprecedented and growing demand from clients looking for regenerative experiences that positively impact destinations with benefits to wildlife, conservation, and the local communities.  Also growing trends, the desire to engage in local philanthropy, and the selection of ethical experiences.

Conservation projects include increasing awareness and education in neighbouring communities, support for endangered species projects and anti-poaching units, as well as habitat restoration.

As a family business, Trans Africa Safaris always endeavours to partner with entities that personify our own values in respect of improving the lives of local communities and protecting Africa’s principal asset, our natural heritage!

The importance of working together with local communities, cannot be overstated, because, it is, after all, their livelihoods that are at stake. These include community partnerships, employing staff from local communities at the lodge, supporting social welfare projects, respecting local cultures, and engaging in other activities that foster trust and inclusiveness.

It may seem obvious, but environmental protection can help to improve tourism in general. Making a long-term impact on the positive development of tourism, eco-friendly lodges prioritise practices such as energy efficiency and renewable energy, waste reduction, eradication of single-use plastics, water conservation and the sourcing of local and organic food that promotes fair trade and ethical farming practices.

A genuine commitment to sustainability is important to guard against ‘green fatigue’ as the use of term becomes increasingly ubiquitous.

Over the years Trans Africa Safaris has been involved in a variety of these initiatives; from supporting endangered wildlife, funding educational opportunities for new generation wildlife rangers, assisting impoverished communities and

Over and above working with partners that prioritize these imperatives, Trans Africa Safaris can book a host of activities for interested clients; game capture for veterinary purposes (micro-chipping or relocation of animals), community welfare projects – including building of schools, sponsorship of pupils, provision of clean drinking water, research projects or supporting anti-poaching efforts.

Research indicates that many visitors are prepared to pay more for their trips where sustainable accommodations and experiences are included. These travelers believe that sustainable choices enhance their travel experience, and Trans Africa Safaris is on hand to help clients make these smarter decisions.

Eco-friendly luxury travel is not a fad, and we, as the travel industry, and travelers, need to ensure that we preserve our natural heritage for future generations. The planet is resilient, and will be here long after us, but we all need to play our part to ensure what we leave behind is healthy and flourishing.

It is not a hollow assertion – ‘Doing good leaves one feeling good!


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