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Lessons Learned About Travel These Past 18 Months

13 September 2021

This past year and a half has been like no other. Along with most of the world, our lives have slowed down. But in spite of, or maybe because of, all the restrictions, it has provided an opportunity for extended reflection, and taught us valuable lessons about travel.

1. Travel Is A Privilege, Not A Right

Before 2020, many of us took travel for granted. But during the time we stayed close to home, we thought about other limitations on travel — from political to safety reasons, economic to environmental. There are many who cannot afford to travel, and sometimes it’s dangerous to travel.

2. Local Travel Rocks!

Many of us travel to faraway places, but with the onset of the pandemic, long-haul travel was not possible, so the only option was to stay local — exploring our own backyard and other hitherto unvisited gems close to home.

3. Brief Is Beautiful

One does not have to spend a long time in a place to be nourished. Most of us, can visit areas within 20 minutes from where we live and enjoy these places for just an hour or less.

4. Remember The Nurturing Power of Nature

Nature provides a deep sense of comfort. Appreciating one’s own fauna and flora and the struggles they have endured over time, reminds us, if they can survive, so can we. And not just ‘green’ spaces, but ‘blue’ spaces too. Water, above and below, offers great tranquillity and the opportunity of boundless exploration.

5. Meeting Strangers Is Part Of The Joy Of Travel

For the longest time, the conversations for many were limited to only a few waitresses and cashiers. But, having conversations with complete strangers is one of the deep pleasures of travel. It is so much fun to meet people whilst travelling, and to chat freely and close up, unencumbered by external restrictions or internal anxiety.

6. Travel And Home Are A Dance

Whilst we love to explore the world, this year also deepened our appreciation for the sanctuary of home. Our safe place … a place to stay dry and warm, where we can eat, sleep, read, laugh, and cry.

7. Expect The Unexpected

Many of us had overseas travel plans interrupted in 2020 and 2021, but the joys of travel are not lost when travelling close to home. These can be rich and rewarding, but the lure of distant shores remains irrepressible!

8. Giving Back Is Where It’s At

Because travel depends on the health of the earth, we should all commit to doing our bit to protect the planet. Contribute to environmental organizations, offsetting carbon for flights, by planting a tree, or cleaning a riverbed or beach.

9. Travel With Humility

More than anything, this year reminded us to be sensitive and kind to other people and creatures, and to respect the communities we visit, even if they are only a few miles away. How fragile we all are! How easy it is forget this, and how grateful we are to be reminded of this simple truth.


Adapted version of original article written by Louisa Rogers, a leadership coach and writer. She and her husband, Barry Evans, divide their life between Eureka, California and Guanajuato, Mexico.

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