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‘Focus & Exposure’ … Photography in Africa

28 February 2024

Whilst many veteran photographers and enthusiasts will travel to Africa to capture stunning images of the continent’s mélange of wildlife, cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, with their inner cities, suburbs, informal settlements (known locally as ‘townships’), political history, architecture, and cultural diversity, also appeal to photographer’s eye.

Iconic attractions like Table Mountain, the Cape Winelands, the majestic Victoria Falls, and Namibia’s stunning topography and scenic beauty, are popular with many photographers.

Africa is vast and offers a range of destinations for photographic safaris. Sought-after countries include Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Each destination offers unique photographic opportunities, whether it’s the Great Migration in East Africa, the wildlife of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara, mountain gorillas in Volcano National Park, or the charms of the Okavango Delta’s ‘emerald desert.’ These safaris cater specifically to photographers and would-be aficionados who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of Africa while honing their photographic skills.

Capturing stunning images of the continent’s diverse wildlife and landscapes is key, and these interests may include birding, general wildlife, big cats, botany, night skies, landscapes, or moods.

Various considerations are important when planning your safari: research the best time to visit your chosen destination; select accommodations that cater to photographers – if required, the likes of specialized vehicles, facilities and equipment; choice of expert guides who can provide valuable insights into the best locations and wildlife behaviour, vehicle positioning and specific photographic guidance, and the adherence to ethical and environmental considerations where the natural environment is not disturbed and the environmental impact is minimized, are equally important. As is often said, when on safari, leave only footprints …

While capturing memorable images is the primary goal, the photographer should never forget to immerse themselves in the experience and appreciate the natural wonders of Africa beyond the viewfinder!

With our longstanding relationships with the leading safari camps & lodges, and the best photographic guides available, Trans Africa Safaris can seamlessly facilitate all these arrangements for your clients.


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