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Exclusive Travel In Africa

6 December 2023

Whether you are looking for a safari, a beach getaway, a remote retreat, a city escape, or a cultural immersion, there are many options for exclusive villas, private residences and secluded, intimate accommodations in Africa.

Perhaps the Covid pandemic contributed to this trend where the restrictions on personal space dictated travel habits at the time, but the last two years have seen travelers spending more, and luxury room categories are in high demand. The preference for exclusive offerings like suites, private villas and private safari vehicles is growing in popularity as they cater more precisely to the demands of the luxury traveler. They provide privacy, personalized service, and abundant space.

Villas, private residences, and multi-room suites allow guests to feel at home – to really settle in and relax. The spaciousness of your own private common areas creates an environment of tranquility, and if you are travelling with children, they will love the fact that they are not confined to a hotel room. There’s nothing better than breakfast in your PJs!

Luxury travelers relish the freedom of their own schedule; enjoying activities, and meals prepared by a private chef, when they want, and having the freedom to explore their surroundings knowing that your family or friends, are the only other guests. Wake up and go to bed when you want, use the gym, pool or jacuzzi at your leisure – all to yourself. If meditating on the lodge deck overlooking the magnificent landscapes is your thing, you can treat the space like it’s your own home.

Like your own home, many establishments have cozy indoor and outdoor dining areas, a fully equipped kitchen with personal chef, a study, a games room, a swimming pool, daybeds and delightful nooks and crannies if you are looking for some personal space.

The appeal lies in the capacity to fashion, authentic customized experiences, forging a sense of well-being by bringing friends and loved ones closer together, and creating unforgettable memories.

High levels of service, privacy, amenities, and facilities just for you. Families are looking for an escape from daily routine, and can indulge their desire for discovery, adventure, and entertainment.

Holiday time is precious, and the intimate nature of villas and sole use accommodations also afford guests the opportunity to better engage with the staff. To enjoy authentic experiences and meaningful encounters with the locals. This environment provides guests with a more immersive experience and can contribute to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the local culture.

Hyper-personalization is abundantly on offer and joining a wildlife team in the capture of an endangered animal, enjoying a private wine tasting in the cellar with the sommelier, or assisting the chef with the next meal, are but samples of a smorgasbord of opportunities.

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